A great musical score can elevate any film to new heights. Take yours to the next level.

The way your film sounds is as important as how it looks. Great music can pull your audience in, it can define a character, or set a mood. The needs of each film are different...let us help you bring the most out of your project.

The music technology we have available today has opened up opportunities for multimedia projects of all kinds that just weren't possible before. Quality soundtracks are no longer confined to big-budget Hollywood films that require professional orchestras and expensive studio rentals.

Who are we?

ThunderWave Studios is a music production company created by composer Erik Dicksen. Our music is often described as dark cinematic, creating emotional atmospheres which engage the audience and accentuate the strengths of the production. We have worked on a wide range of films including drama, action thriller, horror, and comedy...as well as several trailers and promos.

What do we offer?

We utilize high quality virtual instruments in many of our productions to give you a professional sound at an affordable rate. We understand that, while live players may be the ideal medium, budget issues and time constraints may not always make that a feasible option.

Whether you need music for a promo, trailer, short, or feature-length film, we can provide a soundtrack tailored to your needs.